sweet face, hard to describe.

it's the beat to keep; it's the beat of the heart.

5 July
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freshman at the university of the northeast. literature is my true love. i have, however, learned that i won't survive with a career in it. music is in my blood, and I just can't shake the desire to perform. calling me a nerd is an understatement. rural places and I do not mix well. I am very attached to those who do earn my trust. intelligence & talent = attraction. I mostly am a logical thinker with a lyrical soul. they fight a lot. I always feel like I have to prove myself to the world.

chris garneau, ray lamontagne, third eye blind, radiohead, queen.

the stranger, the diving bell and the butterfly, catcher in the rye, on the road, mother night, to kill a mockingbird.

breakfast at tiffany's, boondock saints, pulp fiction, drop dead gorgeous, everything is illuminated.

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Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
-- Kurt Vonnegut